LIFLTV 54th Webisode (Leaning On God’s Spirit)….

All New “Life is for Living TV’s” 54th webisode on Leaning on God’s Spirit. With all the uncertainty in the world this webisode is a must see! Take a look!

LIFLTV 53rd Webisode (God’s Presence)….

All New “Life is for Living TV’s” 53rd webisode on God’s Presence (The Holy Spirit). Take a look!

LIFLTV 52nd Webisode (God’s Forgiveness)….

All New “Life is for Living TV’s” 52nd webisode on God’s Forgiveness! Take a look!

LIFLTV 51st Webisode (God’s Grace)….

All New “Life is for Living TV’s” 51st webisode on God’s Grace! Take a look!

LIFLTV 50th Webisode….

Yes…It’s finally here! “Life is for Living TV’s” 50th webisode! Take a look!

5Oth Webisode of LIFLTV Coming This Month…

We are excited about the upcoming season of “Life is for Living TV” coming soon! We are releasing the 50th webisode of our show this month! Please take a look at our behind the scenes footage! Also take a look at the news about our web-series featured on  Stay Tuned!

New LIFL TV Season Coming Spring 2017…

Take a look at the new Life is for Living TV promo video! New season coming spring 2017! Stay Tuned! View Video Now!

The Tesoro Family In Soap Opera Digest Magazine…

Ashley & Anthony Tesoro are featured in Soap Opera Digest Magazine with an article about their family, faith, marriage, ministry, Life is for Living TV, & more! They are in the February 6th 2017 issue on pages 74-77! Take a look!

Anthony John Christening…

Take a look at this beautiful video featuring the Tesoro Family during their Christening, Birthday, & Anniversary event! Amazing footage of them Christening their son Anthony John! View Now!

New LIFL Webisode: Love…

Please take a look at our newest “Life is for Living TV” webisode, with a teaching on “Love.” This webisode is all new for 2016! It features a beautiful teaching from Anthony, an inspiring nature segment with the Tesoro family; as well as a worship singing segment, and much more! Click Here To View!