Final Thought/ Obey God…

Obey the Lord this day. Whatever He is asking you to do, then take a step towards Him and what He is requiring of you. The Lord will never ask you to do more than what you can handle, so if He is speaking to your heart about a matter, then He knows you have it inside of you to make the right choice. Lean on Him and trust that in His Spirit you can accomplish all that He is calling you to, and you can make the right decisions for your life. Press forward in Christ this day, and take courage!


  1. emma louisa nord jonsson says

    hi i asked god this week what my thesis on a paper should br and he answered and it was what I wanted to write about the womesn right movement in sweden he said i should focus on what they fought for and how we live up to it today he helped me choose a path and i followed it thank you god