Life Is For Living TV (2020) New Webisodes!!!

Stay In Peace Be In His Strength

Live In Peace, Truth, and Liberty

Dedicating Your Life To Christ: Christening, Anniversary, Family

Be Bold In Christ: Make a Godly Plan

Godly Relationships: Keeping Your Circle Small

Live Life To The Full

Resisting Temptation

Life Is For Living TV (2018)

Living In Obedience To Christ

Pure In Heart

Submit To God

The Light of the World

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Life Is For Living TV (2017)

The Fruit Of The Spirit

Leaning on God’s Spirit (The Holy Spirit)

God’s Presence (The Holy Spirit)

God’s Forgiveness

God’s Grace

LIFLTV’s 50th Webisode!!! Check it out now!!!

God’s Mercy

Life Is For Living TV (2016)

Love Series


Miracle Series

God’s Miracle Working Power

The Miracle of Life

Life Is For Living TV (2015)

The Greatest Commandment

The Transforming Power of God